Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cost-Effectiveness Study of Percutaneous Intratisular Electrolysis (PIE) in Chronic Epicondylalgia

At Atlantic International University we are proud to announce the success of our students. 
Jose Manuel Sanchez Ibanez, graduate of a Doctorate program in Health Science at AIU,  has been recognized for the Best Oral Communication Award for the “Cost-Effectiveness Study of Percutaneous Intratisular Electrolysis (PIE) in Chronic Epicondylalgia", amongst his other colleagues and Physiotherapists, Dr. Fermin Valera and Franc Minaya. The award ceremony took place during the tenth National Congress of the Spanish Society of Trauma Education - SETLA 2010.

Jose Manuel stated: “It is an honor to convey my greatest satisfaction of seeing the PIE Technique which was created 10 years ago, proving to be one of the best tools and therapies in the treatment of soft tissue”. He also announces that on November 11th and 12th of this year, the First International Congress of PIE will be held in Madrid.

Jose Manuel Sanchez Ibanez has been an excellent student at AIU and we are very proud of his achievements. We hope that he continues with this success, that is a byproduct of the effort and dedication that he has always shown.

Congratulations in behalf of your University, AIU.

To learn more about Dr. Jose Sanchez's work, to access his book, or learn more about Percutaneous Intratisular Electrolysis please visit these links:

Dr. Sanchez's Rehabilitation Center:
Awarding Org: 

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