Friday, June 3, 2011

Testimonial from a Student

We will like to share with you the testimonial from one of our students AUCKHINLECK KWAME ADOW.  


It is my great pleasure to write to inform you of my academic experience with Atlantic International University.  The following notes catalogues and capture my experience on the path taken so far:
  1. After enrollment, I found it very necessary to read and master the contents of the Student’s Handbook so as to know how to effortlessly navigate my way through the program.
  2. I also mastered the use of the AIU website for downloading and uploading course assignments, as well as communicating with AIU.
  3. The nature of AIU’s coursework required me as a student to be very disciplined, determined, and maximizing my time utilization. Especially intensively using my weekends, national holidays and annual vacations, so as to be able to work on course assignments and upload them according to the calendar I have designed and approved by my Tutor.
  4. I needed to be meticulous and follow the rules governing the development and content of assignments to enable me earn maximum credit for each assignment submitted.
  5. The AIU experience calls for know-how to do things for myself so as to achieve excellent results and nothing less.
  6. The content of the course assignments introduced me to rare current global issues and trends which ordinary I might not have got to know.
  7. The AIU approach called for extensive reading and using the Internet facility to obtain as much information as possible to inform my course assignments.
  8. The AIU learning process is very flexible and administered through course assignments given and the curriculum design approach.
  9. The AIU learning process draws out the utmost potential, experience and expertise of a student. When I understood and embraced it, it generated unlimited passion that fueled my ambition to give of my best – evidenced as end product in each assignment submitted to my course tutor for assessment.
  10. The AIU structure of learning is for people who are focused, serious and want to achieve results.
  11. However, all said and done, the financial scholarships offered notwithstanding, the cost of AIU education for us in this part of the world is very expensive.  It is with much pain to state here that many brilliant, experienced and determined colleagues of mine whom I recommended AIU to have eventually shied-away just because of the cost.
Thank you for affording me this great and rare opportunity for self-improvement in my life.  It has been a hard journey of dedicated discipline to strenuous academic research work based on many practical field and life experiences.  It has been a very worthy journey traveled with much interest, intensive passion,  personal motivation, and also those rare motivational messages from my Course Tutor, which fires me up to keep pressing on.

I am and remain very grateful.



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